In recent years markets aluminum plastic composite panels have a variety of colors and types of manufacturers at home and abroad, to meet demand for widespread use of consumers. The question now is top quality and origin of aluminum plastic composite panels on the market, besides the genuine manufacturers have brands, there are other products floating unknown original, as did profits adversely affect the quality of work and caused incalculable consequences for consumers.

* As a manufacturer and supply aluminum plastic composite panels on Vietnam's market, many consumers are widely known in the country in recent years, Chen Private Enterprise Court has always attached importance to question the quality top quality products, the evidence on the product line of aluminum plastic composite outdoor Korea Chen (PVDF) used in exterior decoration, the product line in Vietnam was the only Center for Standards and Technology Quality 3 (Quatest 3) certificate on 30/08/2008. In addition, products of Korea PVDF Chen also achieve the gold award - a gold medal Vietnamese brand in 2007, the Gold Cup - Gold medal in International Expo Vietbuild from 2006 to 2008. Provide consumer products used in exterior quality standards and sustainability is guaranteed for 10 years. Besides, Korea's product line PE Chen variety of colors used in interior decoration and works of short-term nature of advertising are warranted for three years.
* Private Enterprise Trieu Chen also building sales team to each client to advise and help the user to the proper functioning of the product line makes the safe and effective in accordance with nature each project that the customer needs
* Besides Chen Private Enterprise Court also recommended a consumer problem as follows. Currently the market has a number of business and profit building consultation and was put into use for the product line does not function properly, causing damage to consumers. So consumers should not be so cheap that cause unnecessary damage.
* Especially if customers also wondered, hesitated for the use of aluminum plastic composite products can be contacted through our Company:

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* Private Enterprise Trieu Chen always improve the quality of products made of aluminum plastic product line leading reputation in Vietnam, deserve the confidence of consumers.

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